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Tutorials – Saturday 1 June by Nathan
May 31, 2019, 8:33 pm
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Hi all,

Tutorials for tomorrow – presentation rehearsals for 2nd years!

10:30 – Riyad + Zhi Wee

11:30 – Reina + Qian

12:30 – Shobha + Charlotte

14:00 – Caspar + Kechao

15:00 – Ludvig + Daniel

16:00 – Chiao + Maciej

Looking forward to it!

Friday 31/05 Tutorial by tutor
May 30, 2019, 9:04 pm
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Second years please bring your portfolio ready to present in the right order. We will rehearse and do any final mark ups. Please make sure: you have project title and how you addressed the UNIT 3 year brief clearly stated.

Third years: Lets talk/mark up project development and also how you want to structure your tables presentation.

Very much look forward to it!

The tutorial list for Friday is:

10:30 Chiao + Ludvig

11: 20 Kechao + Charlotte

12:10 Maciej + Daniel

14:00 Shobha + Caspar

14:50 Reina + Riyad

15:50 Zhi Wee + Qian


Tuesday 28/05 Tutorials by tutor
May 27, 2019, 3:37 pm
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Second years, please bring your portfolio in the right order again and the latest work printed for comments and mark ups. Tomorrow we will go through it and see what is missing. Please make sure you have yellow post-its or similar to mark the missing sheets. On Friday will be presentation rehearsals!

Third years, please bring your work printed for mark ups.

During the crit we noticed that in most students’ work there is a gap (second and third years) between the done research and the proposed design. There is hardly any in-between showing project development, or explanation of the design in graphical terms, or contextual work. Sketches and mainly diagrams are very important to fill that gap. We will show some more examples tomorrow. 

The tutorial list is:

10:00 Daniel + Charlotte

10:40 Caspar + Maciej

11:20 Chiao + Ludvig

13:00 Qian + Zhi Wee

13:50 Ryad + Reina

14:40 Kechao + Shobha

Re-post: Drawings and Diagrams for Inspiration by tutor
May 24, 2019, 7:47 pm
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Here are some diagrams for your inspiration, I’m sure you can find lots more for yourself…

02 manon-mollard manuel-g-nogueira_3 soonil-kim-kings-vine02u21_02_vermeulen_003

And following some drawings that could be an inspiration for compositions, drawing style and/or use of colour etc:

759_13 chetwoods_butterfly-house02 derek-pirozzi_speculating-the-coast02 derek-pirozzi_speculating-the-coast03 manuel-g-nogueira_11 kidney_sections_illustrator017basementbarml01035-vagrant-axis900_0

Friday 24th Tutorial by tutor
May 23, 2019, 6:52 pm
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Hi All,

For tutorials please bring the latest developments since the Crit and how you want to progress for the final tables. Second years please bring your portfolio arranged in order.

The list:

10:30  Chiao + Shobha

11:10 Caspar + Maciej

11:50 Daniel + Charlotte + Kechao

14:00 Reina + Riad

14:40 Qian + Zhi Wee

Very much look forward to it!


Friday 17/5 Presentation Rehearsals by Nathan
May 16, 2019, 2:02 pm
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Tomorrow we will do rehearsals for the final crit and workshop your overall narrative/presentation. It’s a chance to test how to organise the hierarchy of your work (drawings, films, models) and also to identify what pieces can be further developed by Monday. Please come ready to do a run-through of your work in 8-10 minutes. Sequencing is key so think about how you frame your design project in terms of term 1 research, the unit trip, and Technical Studies. Think of how you can organise by theme, importance/relevance to your design, social/environmental agendas – rather than by the chronology of what you did in the year.

Bring your key drawings printed, show films on the screen, have models/booklets on hand and bring a sheet with your planned wall layout on it as we discussed last time I saw you. Spend some time tonight preparing by writing out your project title, synopsis and argument coherently. Remember that your audience doesn’t know your research interests, the nature of the sites we visited, the unit’s understanding of mythology/narrative so you need to communicate these alongside/to contextualise the content of your project.

Tutorial times below:

10:30 – Kechao + Qian

11:30 – Maciej + Riyad

12:30 – Shobha + Zhi Wee

14:00 – Caspar + Chiao

15:00 – Charlotte + Reina

16:00 – Daniel + Ludvig

Looking forward to it!

Monday 13/05 Tutorial by tutor
May 12, 2019, 8:47 pm
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07 days to our FINAL JURY at the AA Lecture Hall. Please bring your drawings on MONDAY 13/05 printed for correction.

Additionally: Bring your updated project FACT sheet printed (what, who, why, etc) updated with project final title.

The list:

10:30 Ludvig + Maciej

11:20 Caspar + Chiao

12:10 Daniel + Shobha

14:00 Charlotte + Kechao

14:50 Ryiad, Reina, Qian, Zhi Wee