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April 18, 2015, 9:23 am
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Hello! I’m not sure if there will be wifi while travelling through Iceland so thought to upload before I leave. I have redesigned it, looking at cloisters and temples to get inspiration. The collage was just an initial exploration to get some ideas for the design. I decided on a more specific area and in order to get there, you will cross the reservoir and the reason why it’s by the water is its significance of water in Hinduism (Tamils) : the gods always play where the lakes are. It also faces the east: the sun. The themes throughout the design is staggering (as such of tea plantation’s topography), elevation and cloister. There are open spaces for cultivation and there will be a cloister of trees surrounding this for the Veddas: interior vs exterior, making the building part of the forest. The building height is lower than that of the trees which are about 25 m. I have kept it black and white for now but will inject some colours soon! I am quite interested to have the sectional perspective as a worm eye view from below up. I’d put in a little more of the site as well. Lemme know what you think! :) & is it possible to meet and discuss TS after I get back as I would like to talk about it to see if I’m missing out on anything before the submission on Monday? So sorry I am not around on Monday : / See you soon!

3d section examples – for inspiration by tutor
April 15, 2015, 2:51 pm
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These are some examples of 3d sections, we hope you find them inspiring and helpful for your drawings:

Inter 3 work:

alexey.marfin-alexey_marfin_veiled_market_004 alexey.marfin-alexey_marfin_veiled_market_013 charlotte.moe-Inter3_Charlotte_10 charlotte.moe-Inter3_Charlotte_9 charlotte.moe-Inter3_Charlotte_4 basmah.kaki-isocharikleia.karamali-RENDER PROJECT guanlian-gordon-AXOWEB FontcleanF1bF kidney_sections_illustrator kidney_panoramic_illustrator section final 01 exterior render test 02  mazen.orfali-8 section

By others (Stephen Biesty, Hans Jenssen, etc):

jensson6 jensson8 jensson9 images Gal5_TempleAmunRa bigSteamTrain chase6

April 8, 2015, 8:39 pm
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Adobe Photoshop PDF

Image: AA Inter 3, Maya Laitinen

As mentioned to the students present on the digital workshop we have set up a drawing homework for each student. This is of course in addition to the already agree individual developments. The task has as objectives improve and develop your technical and architectural skills. It will also help to make and commit to decisions. The academic year is about to end, so the more defined, prepared and skilled you and your project are the better are the chances to succeed.

The drawing task:

– Produce two drawings – A1 size each. The drawings should utilize 3D and Photoshop digital painting techniques.

– One of the drawings should be a sectional perspective. It should show a cut part and describe the building of project internal design and implication. This is a drawing that should balance well interior and exterior showing how you deal with inside and outside, land use and social use. Look at examples posted and more online.

– The second drawing is from a view of your choice. Think about the project and make a decision of camera angle/background/horizon line/camera height in relation to your project demands. If you are dealing with people’s specific use it could show site/context conditions that illustrate how well you are tackling the issue.


Image: AA Inter 3, Berkin Islam


– Tip 01: Use the drawing to design. Make the drawing accumulate design decisions, make it an additive rather than pure or cautious.

– Tip 02: It is A1 size so print mock ups (taping A4/a3) often to know the level of detail and if the view chosen capture enough complexity. Large drawings without detail (design decisions, sizes, architectural elements, light condition, material, rich use) tend to be flat.

-Tip 03: Use layers. Use 3d, vector lines and digital painting (in moderation, see tip below) to create a composition that is more than a simple render or just Photoshop. The sectional perspective will only ‘stand’ if it carries tectonic and architectural information (sizes, material, atmosphere, light, openings, etc). Avoid fuzziness.

Tip 04: There are many great resources online for digital painting but here are a few:

ImagineFx magazine, excellent magazine for practical and artistic tips on digital painting, each magazine come with lots of tutorials: http://www.creativebloq.com/imaginefx

Gnomon Workshop: Insane quality tutorials. This is professional training for artist, so most of is paid tutorials, but they have some free tips too: http://www.thegnomonworkshop.com/

Digital Tutors: another great paid professional website. They have some free material too.


The deadlines:

-Everyone to please post the two images work in progress by noon (London time) of the 21st of April here on the blog.

-Bring printed version of the two images on Tuesday 28th of April.

natasha.rieffel-Construction Process

Image: AA Inter 3, Natasha Rieffel

Second years:

Please all second years make sure you organize your portfolio during the break. Define paper (avoid roll paper as it keeps rolling back) size, font, consistent layout and (super important) and please make sure you are able to demonstrate design decisions and have lots of them (explain how project relate to context and how you made your decisions in terms of access, sizes and form). Graphically be more consistent and strive for excellence and not just standard.


Adobe Photoshop PDF

Image: AA Inter 3, Raz Keltsh

Making off // ‘The Verge’ by tutor
April 6, 2015, 5:39 pm
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Here is an amazing matte painting (if you do not know what it is, please research) by LightFarm Brasil. The video shows the process and the link below shows more of their inspiring process. Such videos are important to all students as reference to the image task given for the Easter Break (to be further explained soon here).

From the author:

Inspired by the book “Rendezvous with Rama” of Arthur C. Clarke, our computer generated astronaut meets the world’s end. By seamlessly matte painting over 100 aerial pictures of giant proportions, our artists worked hard to bring this surreal idea to life. Our CGI team used the latest technology for cloth simulation which made the unique astronaut’s suit possible. In this making-of video you can follow the whole process from the sketch to the final model. Hundreds of gigs of video capture were carefully selected and edited with the deep beats by the russian musician Vitaly Ghost. Lightfarm Studios proudly presents this poetic trip through the making of “The Verge”.


Image: Making off by LightFarm Brasil

For more stills and information please click here

3d modelling progress by susiekinston
April 2, 2015, 7:52 pm
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Hope all is well

Sorry I am only able to post now – it’s been so hectic since arriving up in scotland.

Anyway, I started off three dimensionally redoing the diagrams as discussed but then I realised that if I was to do it more detailed (to then pull it apart for the diagrams) I would be able to use it to create a more detailed “stage 0″ initial understanding/drawing of the context before the project comes into it as well as more designing of the specific spaces  (and potentially even a cnc model from it could be nice/useful). Therefore I thought it best after trial and error to 3d modell the context through contouring the section, at the actual size of the site, and am giving ample detailed space around around it in order to understand the conditions properly which will help my project more in relationship to the physical conditions/potentially temporary nature as you can then see and understand changes of the river/ground/bed/water in relationship to the existing built environment of Thotalanga (and how that will affect the nature of the project). I am doing all pieces in a separate files and then am importing them in together later –  then adjusting things as the land I have modelled is a big file. Here are a few screen shots of some of the work I have done so far.

modellingtress 4 bridge:slums:pieces contourquickrender1 contourquickrender2 drawingscontours Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 20.08.44 waterfrontrender

I’m taking advantage of the library here to see if I can find some information on landscaping/ sand structures so I can start to properly design how these columns would be shaped/could come out of the ground and be able to actually suggest a functioning system on which the spaces can sit on/be suspended between etc. This will of course then affect the surrounding designs as they currently exist.

kind regards,


01 April Tutorial / Wednesday by tutor
March 31, 2015, 8:04 pm
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As mentioned before we will have a tutorial and workshop tomorrow 01st of April. For the students not present tomorrow we will repeat the workshop somewhen in April.

9:30 Avery

10.00 Natalie

10.30 Assaf

11.00 Nicholas

11:30 Yonathan

12.00 Nathan

12:30 Henry

14:00 Thong

14:30 Christoph

15:00 C4D WORKSHOP/Photoshop

Tutorials Friday 27/03 by tutor
March 26, 2015, 8:30 pm
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As discussed before we will have third year tutorials on Friday (+ Rafael). We will be seeing the second years that are still in London next week. Second years/Third years, please clean the studio mess left over from the previous weeks. It is a mega mess.

The tutorial list for tomorrow is as follows:

9:30 Rafael

10.00 Natalie

10.30 Nathan

11.00 Nicholas

11:30 Yonathan

12.00 Assaf