AA Inter 3

Tutorial Tuesday 20th by tutor
November 19, 2018, 7:10 pm
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Tutorials tomorrow will start from 12:00/noon. Look forward to see the progress and hope to see everyone’s tests too.

In order to keep the project objectives and narrative up to date please bring alongside your project development an ‘Project Sheet’ A4  printed with:

-your project’s name;

-150-200 words describing your ‘Forest of Stars’ Brief Concept (how are you connecting first and second part?). Describe what you are doing from concept to practical. What are you doing day to day (coding, hammering, foraging, etc)? Specially important is how are you using measures in your work in relation to your understanding of forests.

We will use the ‘Project Sheet’ A4 document and your work progress to communicate and discuss your ideas, progress and development in every tutorial.

See you all tomorrow!

The list:

12:00 Kechao + Ryad

12:40 Shobha + Reina

14:00 Ludvig + Zhi Wee

14:40 Daniel + Maciej

15:20 Charlotte + Chiao + Qian + (Caspar)



Tutorials Saturday 17th November by Nathan
November 16, 2018, 10:16 pm
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Hi All,

Tomorrow’s session will be tutorials in pairs where we discuss and develop your concepts carrying on from your sessions with Ricardo today and begin to look into ways to enhance your technological and material tests. Please bring all your current work/references and laptops/software, material prototypes as necessary; but be ready to describe your work efficiently (in a 5 min pitch) so that we can spend time work-shopping the idea rather than getting lost in references or long descriptions of process.

Tutorial times below:

10:30 – Chiao + Reina

11:30 – Caspar + Zhi Wee

12:30 – Daniel + Kechao


14:00 – Ludvig + Maciej

15:00 – Charlotte + Riyad

16:00 – Shobha + Qian

Looking forward to seeing what you’ve all come up with!


Friday 16th Tutorials by tutor
November 15, 2018, 9:20 pm
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The day on Friday will be be broken down in two parts due to an academic meeting. Please make sure to bring your progress in a well organised fashion. Meaning:  summarise your intention, progress briefly and use the tutorial time allocated to you (20 minutes) efficiently!

The tutorial list for Friday is below:

10:00 Charlotte + Qian

14:30 Maciek + Reina

15:10 Ludvig + Ryad

15:50 Kechao + Shobha

16:30 Caspar + Daniel

17:10 Xiao + Zhi Wee




An Algorithm for Forestry – Rules of a Board Game by ddaann111
November 11, 2018, 6:14 pm
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The most interesting path forward for me is one of testing – in a less sterile environment – the effect of subjecting the growth of settlements within a forest to a strict set of rules.

I aim to test these effects through a board game – drawing influence from both Settlers of Catan and Civilizations (board game and computer game). Through the rules and the way players can not only engage with them but also with each other, i want to see what this new landscape (the filled board at the end) looks like, how it varies from game to game and how people try to find loopholes in the rules which they can exploit.

I aim to both produce a polished enjoyable working physical board game, and test its implications through documented live trials.


Settlers of Catan



The final Board model will be constructed from high quality wood with pieces whose construction methods are still undecided – Pieces must be durable enough to survive being dropped multiple times.

There need to be nearly 200 pieces (minimum) each of which should have a level of detail high enough to be engaging… the construction method should not bankrupt me.

installation idea – shobha by shobhanarendran
November 11, 2018, 1:29 pm
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The boundary between the Forest and city can perhaps be read as a threshold between the sacred and the profane. 

Where the Forest is a protected asylum of madness, the city is a place governed by logic, home of the redeemed. The untouched vessel that the Forest presents is sacred – there is an element of sanctity to Forest tradition and rituals. As objects of worship pass from within the Forest into the city, they become utilitarian “resources”. The project will seek to question this seemingly hard, binary line between the sacred (of the Forest) and the profane (of the city). The sacred cannot exist without the profane. 

The project will be set in a future, where all of Earth’s forests have been deforested to meet our economical, utilitarian desires. Assuming history (and our attitudes toward the Forest) is cyclical, how will we attempt to reconstruct spiritual rituals of the past, with only memories of a time long gone and the materials of a time to come?



Yasuaki Onishi, reverse of volume RG: https://vimeo.com/42133856



The first image shows the symbollic, spiritual act of tying rags to a tree in prayer and worship. This act had been prevalent across most cultures, yet sacred trees have not been recorded in modern times as the places for the performances of rites of passage. I would like to recreate the scene/act of rag-tying to a tree in a future where the Forest has disappeared. 

The subsequent three images/video are linked by their common evocation of natural landscapes using “artificial” materials. Onishi used a plastic sheet, cardboard boxes and glue to create a cave-like/mountainous terrain, For Use/Numen used packing tape to build a self-supporting cocoon web, while Mondro used tinned copper wire to create an anatomically accurate heart. 


  • Selection/organisation of materials
  • Skill: Tying/weaving of a synthetic polymer (plastic)
  • History/data of spiritual rituals for the sacred tree (rag-tying in particular)
  • Skill: Videography (documenting the process of fabrication as a new method of worship)

CRIT FRIDAY 02nd by tutor
November 1, 2018, 3:08 pm
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First CRIT of our AA INTER 3 Brief ‘New Forest and its Digital Creatures!’

We hope you all are almost ready and pump up to discuss your current work tomorrow.

Our crit will take place at 32FFB and we should all meet sharp at 9:20AM to organize the room and pin up the work. Please let’s all meet on time at 9:20AM , as we all should help to organize the room and help colleagues to pin up. Avoid being the selfish one.


Make sure to give a context to your work:

  • What have you been reading and how it aided you to discuss the forest in a particular way?
  • What was the Unit brief given? How are you responding to it?
  • What have been the method/technic/skill to develop your work? Any challenges? What have you learnt so far?
  • Make sure you actually explain the drawing in its specificity. What is what and how.
  • Make sure you have you have other sheets on the wall that help illustrate the context of the work  – as explained in the previous post. Bring draft iterations of your drawing if that helps discuss the current composition.

We look forward to see you all tomorrow morning!

Tutorial 30/10 by tutor
October 29, 2018, 4:38 pm
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Tutorials will be done in couples. What we expect for tomorrow:

1- A draft of the drawing printed in real size.

2- A work in progress of your Friday presentation sheets. Every student should have at least (for tomorrow a draft/work in progress is enough):

IMPORTANT: Use the portfolio samples pages suggested by Nathan as guidelines // total = 05 pages (suggested size A2) + final drawing

2.1 One page on which part of the readings influenced your idea the most (with image and with proper referencing)

2.2 One page of your main reference for the drawing, explain graphically what and how it is a reference.

2.3 Three pages on the idea: 2.3.1 on how you measure your forest, 2.3.2 on the theme of the project and 2.3.3 the explanation of the drawing composition

For tomorrow please bring a development of some of the pages described above. Use Nathan’s suggested portfolio layout. If you want at a later stage you can innovate and change it.

The list:

10:00 Xiao + Zhi Wee

10:40 Ludvig + Daniel

11:20 Shobha + Ryad

12:00 Charlotte + Reina


13:30 Caspar + Qian

14:10 Maciek + Kechao