AA Inter 3

Monday and Tuesday Tutorials by tutor
January 20, 2019, 10:29 pm
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Tutorials will be split between Monday and Tuesday:


11:00 Chiao + Qian

11:40 Ludvig + Kechao

Tuesday (if necessary just adjust according to TS tutorials)

10:00 Reina + Shobha

10:40 Daniel + Zhi Wee

11:20 Riyad + Charlotte

12:00 Maciej + Caspar


Saturday 19th January Tutorials by Nathan
January 18, 2019, 11:07 am
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Hi Everyone!

We will have a morning session together tomorrow from 10:00 – 13:30. Really looking forward to seeing what you have all been thinking about since the trip.

Mukeng 2.jpg

Mukeng Bamboo Forest – Unit Trip 2019

Please come with the 15 portfolio sheets you have been preparing, ready to summarise your research in 2-3 minutes. In preparing for this explanation, start developing a language for communicating your current research’s connection to your first term work, its relevance to the unit trip/selected sites, and how you plan to develop it in the next weeks. Start to look for the agendas, thematics and problems that are directly observable in your site, but also keep careful watch for the wider, more subtle and implied ones too.

Groups for tomorrow below:

10:00 – Qian, Riyad, Reina, Zhi Wee

11:00 – Ludvig, Kechao, Charlotte, (Maciej if you can)

12:00 – Daniel, Caspar, Shobha (Chiao if you are around – or can skype)


See you tomorrow




Friday 18th January Class by tutor
January 17, 2019, 7:09 pm
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Friday Class will be divided into groups of 3 tutorials. Additionally we are very fortunate to welcome AA Inter 3 Scavenger Alumni Mamoru Hoshi presenting his last year project and Distinction awarded TS. All students to attend Mamoru presentation at the unit at 13:00 , times below:

Please bring the 15 + sheets printed for mark up.

11:00 Zhi Wee, Charlotte, Kechao

12:00 Daniel, Qian, Ludwig


14:00 Shobha, Caspar, Ryad, Reina

16:00 At the Barrel Vault Mamoru will present his portfolio (again) with other 2 selected diploma students in conversation with Eva Franch and Mark Morris. Ricardo will also attend it. Please come along for the discussion.

Friday Class 11/01/19 by tutor
January 10, 2019, 12:56 pm
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bamboo forest

Image: Mukeng Bamboo Village, China

We hope you all managed to recover from the Holiday break and the Unit trip!

Our first meeting will be on Friday 14:00 to debrief from the Unit trip and for the whole group to meet and share thoughts and ideas.

So please bring 5 to 8 photos from the unit trip that interested you the most. Please make sure they are related to your interests from Term 01 and where you want to go. They may be inspirational, potential site related, cultural insights, relevant polemics.

Could you (please self organise) also please create a data base with photos and videos so students that were not on the trip can access the material too? Have folders for different locations following the unit trip schedule.

Look forward to seeing you all!

Presentation Rehearsals Saturday 8/12 by Nathan
December 7, 2018, 3:45 pm
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Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow’s session will be focused on refining presentations and getting all final output up to scratch for the T1 Jury next week. Please all come prepared to do a run-through (8-10 min) of your whole presentation, showing your devices/installations in-situ, and in as complete a form as possible. Think about how you title/name your work, and how you will tie the project into your first drawing and overall T1 research. Also consider how you will talk about where you hope to go next with your project as we head toward the unit trip.

While of course we will talk about your work’s developing concepts as much as possible, the emphasis this week needs to be on finishing production, putting everything together and being articulate in how you describe the work, so please come ready and without everything being in seperate pieces!

Excited to see the progress – you are all dealing with fascinating ideas!

Tutorial order will be:

11:00 – Reina + Shobha

11:40 – Maciej + Zhi Wee

12:20 – Charlotte + Kechao


13:30 – Qian + Ludvig

14:10 – Caspar + Riyad

14:50 – Chiao + Daniel



Tutorial Saturday December 1st by Nathan
November 30, 2018, 5:09 pm
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Hi Everyone,

Hope you’ve had productive weeks. Please bring your work in progress along with your current project title and summary text on a single A4 for tomorrow. Also come with a concept sketch for how you plan to present your installation/device on the jury day. If you are planning a room scale installation – please make sure you have the space you need measured and booked ASAP if you haven’t already done so.

Looking forward to it!

Tutorial list below:

11:00 – Zhi Wee + Chiao

12:00 – Riyad + Maciej


14:00 – Qian + Shobha

15:00 – Reina + Daniel

16:00 – Charlotte + Ludvig

17:00 – Kechao + Caspar


Monday 26th Tutorial by tutor
November 25, 2018, 6:49 pm
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The tutorial on Monday 26th will be focus on project development and text feedback. To all the students who have not brought the text printed last session, please do so tomorrow. We will work on that text in every session in parallel to the design work.

The list:

10:00 Shobha+ Maciej

10:40 Caspar + Reina

11:20 Charlotte + Zhi Wee

12:00 Kechao + Ryad

13:40 Ludwig + Quian

14:20 Chiao +Daniel