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Speculative Land Futures by tutor
September 24, 2016, 1:15 pm
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Image: The Augurs of Slave Island, Nathan Su, AA Inter 3 (for video click here)

Speculative Land Futures

Ricardo de Ostos and Nannette Jackowski

Scene: Internal J Hotel. A sunny day, scalding hot.

Wood door carved with deity’s faces half-covered by black flag opens. Camera moves to the right, a pulpit and a microphone appear. Signal noise mixes with mosquito drone and muffled voices.

Speaker: Good Morning. I am standing here today, not quite sure what to tell you. [Silence. The sound of buzzing continues.] You probably all want to know about the 2016-17 future operations rather than hear a history lesson, so I will cut through the bull and report to you. [Caressing his eyebrow slowly with his right little finger, he starts reading.] Science fiction, culture and architecture will be the key tools to combat the day-to-day pedestrian reality that has taken control of wonderland. [One bead of sweat falls on paper, spreading like an amoeboid bomb.] We will utilise film, digital animations and kinetic experiments to explore the magic reality of land as memory and symbolic marking. Within the concept of wonderland we will explore architectures based on time, mysterious atmospheres and strange speculative fictions.

[From the audience, a woman with glasses interrupts]: Where are you going to do those experiments? What is the context of that ‘wonderland’, if you like?

Speaker: As I was saying, in order to survey the context of land not just from a monetary perspective, but as something symbolic and cultural, we will produce large drawings and models (I mean large large). Intermediate Unit 3 will explore ancient forest myths and near-future city narratives. Organic and Machine, Nature and Man, Grown and Made will all be recorded as final models and films, ladies and gentlemen.

Pause. Camera cuts to outside straw hut. A lush, tropical jungle slopes down into murky brown river.

Speaker: To acquire specific intellectual and technical skills Intermediate Unit 3 will offer workshops, books and graphic novel readings, film screenings, group discussions and, of course, fieldwork. If you want to know more please read the memo on the website. Wi-fi password is: SpeculativeLandFutures


Extended Brief 16-17 here

Onward we go to a Land of Many Lands…

Bangladesh 15/16 Year Summary by tutor
August 16, 2016, 10:50 am
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AA Inter3 15-16 Booklet_Cover

Here is a brochure about the year of 15/16 at Intermediate 3, containing a sample of the students work.

This online brochure is a summary of the work developed within our undergraduate design studio ‘Inter 3’ at the Architectural Association, School of Architecture in London (AA) during the academic year of 2015-16. The work was compiled with the objective to share it with individuals and organisations that have contributed in one way or the other to the process and research during this year-long study.

Part of the work presented in this brochure will be included in our upcoming book ‘Scavengers and Other Creatures in Promised Lands’ (AA Publications & Bedford Press), out in December 2016. The publication will cover almost ten years of research on architectural narratives and the built environment we have undertaken in our studio Inter 3 at the AA School.

You can download the brochure here: AA Inter3 15-16 Booklet (Small)

Special thanks to Chan Leong Nin for helping us put it together!

Final tutorial Third years// Monday 20th by tutor
June 19, 2016, 9:41 pm
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For the last check before the Riba external examination we will meet tomorrow Monday 20th at the unit space. If you like to rehearse the portfolio please bring it along and make sure you addressed the work in a more compact way (without sacrificing its core concept and flavours).

The final list:

11:00 Alex

11:20 Mikolaj

11:40 Natacha

12:00 Luca

12:20 Tiffany

12:40 Federico

Third year external examiner tutorial by tutor
June 16, 2016, 9:27 pm
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For Friday 17th tutorial for third years we will do a brief 20 minutes discussing what you are working on. If needed we can meet on Monday again.

the list:

9:30 mikolaj

9:50 Alex

10:10 Luca

10:30 Natacha

10:50 Tiffany

11:10 Federico

11:30 Meeting with second years about exhibition.


3rd Year Tutorial by tutor
June 9, 2016, 3:22 pm
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Third years, for the final tutorial before the final table, please bring your portfolio printed and in order for presentation.

-Please re-hearse before with a friend – keep 10 minutes

The list:

10:00 Mikolaj

10:30 Alex

11:00 Luca

11:30 Federico

12:00 Natacha

12:30 Tiffany

Tutorial Wednesday by tutor
June 8, 2016, 9:02 am
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3rd years: I will be at the unit space from 13:00 approximately. I will start seeing Mikolaj and Federico. Apart from the latest work, please have the portfolio ordered for presentation – if sheets are not printed just printed them in a4/a3 as place holders.

See you all in a few hours.

current state of final drawing by jouyuhuang
June 5, 2016, 3:39 pm
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configuration 2 A1 NEW 100 res

Hello Ricardo and Nannette,

This is the current state of the last perspective. I am aware that it probably won’t be able to look as finished as the other one, but I wanted to try to make the idea come across as clear as possible. In this drawing the focus is mainly the usage of the courtyards, and from the view of the people living in the building on how they would use these courtyards. The small pockets of activities included so far are car repair service (derived from the rickshaw fixing base of the infrastructural module), flee market in the alley, cafe, and kids playground. Could you please give me some suggestion to make the purpose of the drawing as clear as possible within the timeframe, such as which parts to focus on.
 Thank you so much.