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Tuesday 17|11|2009 by tutor
November 16, 2009, 12:34 pm
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By tomorrow you should have finished your search for a subject/field of interest related to water and based on our India trip and readings/research.

You will then start to further investigate the chosen subject via drawing, modeling and in particular making(!) – experiment, make an installation, design and build devices, tools, small spaces and study, measure, compare various conditions/scenarios… Be inspired by India in general and our trip specifically, culture and rituals, movies, art and architectural installations and feed your doings with facts, test results and further readings/research…

We will meet for individual tutorials in the unit space as per following list. Please be on time.

10.00   Yoo Jin

10.30   Elina

11.00   SJ

11.30   Ingrid

12.00   Charlotte

12.30   Conner


2.00   Ananth

2.30   Manon

3.00   Mazin

3.30   Basmah

4.00   Nikolaos

4.30   Maria

5.00   Ariadna (tbc)

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