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Confort Food by eagudo
October 14, 2010, 8:54 am
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The original idea of chain reactions led me to investigate about the five senses. The five senses all happen in that same way as the industrial machines from the Science Museum. Something, whether it’s a smell, a sound, a vision, the touch or the taste triggers a chain reaction until it gets to your brain. The sensory experience is the breakdown of information from the outside world and transformed into electrical impulses that are read by your brain based on previous experiences. I have been exploring the domesticity of food, investigating our relationship with it. Food is ultimately the most complete sensory experience as it stimulates all five senses, and it is our energy. On one side, there is an obvious physical relationship between energy and food, our fuel is our meal ticket, but there is something else above that, and that is how we, as human beings, relate with each other through food. From mum’s homemade pies an important celebration out on a restaurant, our life centers around food. We are victims of constant repetition in our eating habits, and our home is one of the stages where we create these patterns. When you think of your mother and food at the same time, what dish shows up in your mind? does it trigger a memory? are you salivating yet? Now think of someone else around you and do the same thing. Our relationship with food goes further than the transfer of energy from the food itself into our body, as human beings, we have the ability to love and we are bound to relate our relationships and the food we eat. Nowadays we live in a society that is communicating constantly. Facebook and other social platforms have changed the way we interact with one another and distances have become obsolete. Skype or FaceTime, are shifting the way we percieve telephone conversations bringing a whole new dimension to communication. It is only a wonder when I think about food, how could I have a sensory experience with someone that is half way around the world? My mother opened a restaurant in Pipa Brazil in January this year, she now lives there permanently. My dad and I used to cook on a weekly basis back in Madrid, and we would always have Spanish omelet with “pan tumaca” on a Sunday night. Now our relationship has shifted, but I call him constantly to ask him for guidance on a recepie, or just to comment on the night before’s meal. My Godfather and I love to explore new restaurants wherever we might be. Now that I live in the distance, how can technology help me to create my very own interface that allows me to relate to my loved ones and share a sensory experience with them?

I started the process by setting up a lunch date with my mother through Skype, who is in a different time zone than me, and noted all the obstacles, pros and cons of the experience.

I have been Looking at The History of Private Life, by Bill Bryson, William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition and The Calorie Man. Investigated thoroughly Studio Roosengaarde’s works, how they create dynamic art installations, specially the Skype suit that expands or contracts depending on emotions of the person on the other side of the screen. I have found an apparatus and method for encoding the 5 senses information and a system and method for providig realistic services usin a 5 sense integration interface, which I am exploring tomake my interface come alive.

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