AA Inter 3

by harikleia
May 1, 2011, 11:16 am
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Hi Harikleia,
Good to see that you are pushing the script of the formation of the new Mumbai//post -current occupation.

The fish-like ‘column’ structure is very powerful for your project narrative – non standard and very ‘doable’. Please have a look for the workshop pictures from the Rio workshop for some inspiration on how the students used left over materials to construct their structures:


About the presentation it would be helpful to see the design without the Photoshop brush pattern in it for the moment. It would be good to see the design in its 3dimensionality before a more heavy presentation. (Tangential comment: Orchestrations 2-01 is interesting because it has a softer atmosphere and it is less focus on brush – more white space.)

It would be good to see some work on the institute. It may be a way to anchor the rest of the design (occupation of the columns + interaction). On the section the Institute design may play a key role in terms of coordinating space (i.e. Taebom gastronomic garden compost tank: https://aainter3.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/image-block_01.jpg )

Good luck!

Comment by tutor

Thanks for the comments. Helps a lot! I was actually thinking of the institute. I should probably develop it more in 3d now and show how it works as a system with the pos occupation structures. Also, any news for the 3d modelling workshop? Is it gonna be on rendering too? Thanks

Comment by Harikleia


The modeling workshop will definately be on Saturday (maybe Friday too – TBC).

About the rendering we can try to do one early next week (Monday/Wednesday). We can discuss it on Tuesday.

Comment by tutor

Ok. Thanks. See you on Tuesday then.

Comment by Harikleia

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