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May 19, 2011, 4:17 pm
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Hola guys – this is a tutorial that I sometimes use, maybe it will be useful for some people. It’s for creating a (clean) metal material, in mental ray (in all programs, e.g. maya, 3ds max, etc – using the Arch&Design materials) It explains the physics of how metal should reflect / “refract”, to make a nice image… I always find clean metal to be the hardest thing to render without it looking like car-showroom glossy fake bullsh*t – hopefully it’s of some use 🙂



PS – if anybody needs some High Dynamic Range Imaging – HDRI – maps, (the thing which makes the background reflection in his image) – then there is a big pack here:


In max, put it in the “environment map” slot (use a spherical projection), in the environment settings (key 8 ) …

in maya, “image-based lighting” in the mental ray environment section, to make an environment ball…

in rhino vray, put it in the GI (skylight) slot, in environment, as a bitmap…

in C4D I have no idea, but it’s definitely possible


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always on the search for new hdri skies I found this page

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