AA Inter 3

by xuanyuan7dai
November 6, 2011, 9:17 pm
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The experiments I did is to construct a scenario that mimics the geographical setup of a typical seashore – descending sand underneath water – for testing out a few factors that may affect/improve the efficiency of a spinning generator in absorbing tidal energy: water pressure, wind load, high/low tide, and direction of the generator (as shown in diagram below).


This diagram contains information from each setup for testing different factors mentioned above, the texts in red show the results from each scenario (not accurate, but dependent on the tests), and the “clip x” at left to each little diagram refers to the actual testing video clips below.





5. (this additional “wind” testing is not included in the diagram; basically I was trying to stir up the water from surface to stimulate the condition of wind blowing the sea water to create tidal waves that may also turn the blades to rotate, even though it is quite not visible but I could still see that it did not work since the fan did not turn at all)




A little extra at the side: I intended to have the box completely transparent (instead of opaque as seen in videos above) so I can film the fan movements more clearly, but I ran out of time to build a clear box out of perspex that is strong enough to hold 30 litre of water. Moreover, the sand I bought was really pigmented so it took me another long period of time to wash it out, but it still made the water muddy as seen in the video. Here are a couple images:


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haha yours looks like a Goldfish ;-P


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