AA Inter 3

by xuanyuan7dai
November 6, 2011, 10:03 pm
Filed under: Sho

(huge apologies for the sound not working… )

The experiments I have done are continuing the liquefaction research previously done before.  Trying to understand and research about soil and the connection/relationship between the horizontal line (ground) and the geometry (building) when they meet. Understanding the materials, geometry and the effect of it from the vibrations, water increase etc.

Experiment A

Each glass contains different grams of sand. Adding same mm of water to see how much sand is needed to suck up the water.

Experiment B – D

Using the sound recorded from the sea of the earthquake, and playing it on the speaker subwoofers. Trying to simulate the same vibration as the 2011 earthquake.

Testing out different grams of sand, amount of water, time frame in order to see different results.

Experiment E

Simulating a tsunami, and seeing the effect of soil and how it extends its energy to the overall land, affects the houses.

I still need to react to the soil condition and the affect of it on the architecture. Utilising the data and research, I would like to develop the geometry so it adapts to these soil possible soil condition.

Another factor I am thinking of is how can I translate the energy of for example, water rising, ground shaking, building falling through liquefaction and utilising it for a positive output.

Which made me think about the underground sewer system, and how they use the flooding of the water into energy.

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