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Acid-Basic Ghost Catcher by Cao
November 7, 2011, 1:28 am
Filed under: 2011-12, Cao

The original idea is to test the colour change when shaking the mixed solution of glucose and sodium hydroxide with methylene blue as the acid-basic indicator. But it takes time to order sodium hydroxide and methylene blue so I tried to make them by myself.

Ideal result:

The mixed solution with glucose and sodium hydroxide is clear, when it is been shaken. methylene blue will turn the solution into blue, after staying still for some time, the solution will turn back to clear again.

My result:

Because I couldn’t find methylene blu, I made another indicator using red cabbage instead. The experiment is successful but due to its different property, the solution can only turn into green and cannot be turn back to clear.

a:Materials and tools used in the experiment:


PI: Sub-project A: Home-made acid-basic indicator using red cabbage.

PII: Initial tests using vinegar and basic soap.

PIII: Making of indicator paper for further tests.


PI: Glucose solution

PII:Making Calcium Hydroxide by mixing water and calcium oxide (top clear part)


PI: Sub-project B: Home-made sodium hydroxide by mixing sodium bicarbonate(baking soda) and water while heating at the same time.

PII: Tests. Indicator turns green when mixing sodium hydroxide with glucose solution.

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