AA Inter 3

by xuanyuan7dai
November 10, 2011, 9:11 pm
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The experiments I have done are trying out the peizo, 
vibration, tilt sensors with the LED lights and servo 
and just experimenting the differences in speed, 
power and sensitivity when changing the setting and 
situation so I can implement this technology into my design.

I have also got a water sensor which I still need to experiment. 
How it will react to water, and how much is waterproof?

With audrino, I would like to create an adaptive system to the 
condition of liquidfication. Using the vibration,tilt,
water sensors, the system would react and 
before the water level rises the base of the 
ground with the building is anchored up. 

This system, even through liquidifation, will not 
have buildings sucked up by the ground, 
but also very adaptive to the condition of tsunami.

For tomorrow and further next week I would like to 
develop and design the system and the base where 
the servo will be placed in order the base can be propelled up . 
And how mechanically it will function in proping up itself. 

Any suggestions, similar projects anyone knows of, 
please tell me! Would be really helpful,


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