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Tokyo Heat Island by ptrii
November 10, 2011, 3:57 pm
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More to come, here’s videos of how I made my two “additional” circuits, a DIY & super simple thermometer to monitor the temperature in the model as I perform the tests and eventually in the design; and a air cooling fan that, in addition to my aquarium pump (which pumps up water, still haven’t figured out how), tries to cool down the site from the heat island effect.

Having discussed this with Apostolos, it seems I need to connect them to Arduino via relay & transistor. He will explain how to do it on the workshop tomorrow.

This is the state of my site model today @09:00 am:

& yesterday night:

I then made a sketch site model, on which I performed the light& temperature tests, but still formatting that data onto coherent sheets, will post later:













This is the test spread, further tests to be added to it (please be reminded that it is a large format sheet, so I am aiming to organise the data accordingly):




















Finally, this is my model, latest update. I was worried it would come up too small for me to build anything interstitially but this morning I was happy to see it seems big enough for me to carry out both tests on it (negatives + interstitial buildings)




















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