AA Inter 3

by xuanyuan7dai
November 23, 2011, 7:20 pm
Filed under: Sho

pdf link: 001

Investigating the condition of the earthquake and 
liquefaction. The direct and indirect, 
consequences that inflicts on the society, 
environment, buildings, individual. 
The constant relationship between the horizontal 
line (ground) and the geometry (building) is a 
very particular elements that has strong factors 
in the orchestrating and manuplicate of the 
urban/natural landscape of Japan at period of 
such phenomena.

All the experiment are derived from the core 
principle condition of the natural phenomena 
"earthquake", however trying to critically 
analyze, articulate and identify the 
condition and experimenting out various 
natural and/or articulated adaptation 
processes/methods through experiments such 

1- simulating the liquefaction and seeing 
the effect on buildings with and without 
structural support
2- adaptive system which reacts to water 
and lifts up building
3-Designing the buildings structural elements, 
thus designing the direction, method of falling
4- first hand experience of the earthquake 
utilizing spatial augmented reality. 

All experiments has been developed in a manner 
where it adapts to the condition and tries to 
olve the problem of the 
vibration, water rising, instability of 
structural elements, which is all going 
to be articulated in the spatial 
augmented reality format of wearing 
video gear and the user is forced to 
concentrate towards the video.

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