AA Inter 3

by xuanyuan7dai
November 23, 2011, 7:37 pm
Filed under: Nicole

test for fluidity of wheel connection in rolling

test for blades collecting sand


diagram: prototype2


With an inspiring tutorial on Monday, I started to do a further research in order to find a more specific concept for the project’s approach. My new approach will be tackled on the rise of sea level and threats to Low altitude urban cities. Instead of just having my device to move along the tides (sensible to amount of electricity generated by tidal waves), it now has a job of slowly changing the landscape of the site (one specific seashore, not confirmed yet) with its sanding-digging wheels (to, hopefully, have an act against the rise of sea level consequence).

As seen in the first video clip, I was simply just testing the technical joints to see if they work so I can keep using the same joining technique, and they work really well; also, I forced the front wheels a bit just to show how it is doing its work in digging the sand, but the blades didn’t turn out working well. In the second video is the finished device (based on Monday tutorial) with fixed joints and a revised blade (with less iterations – more room for sand to come in) to test out the digging behavior, but it didn’t really work, so I have to redo the blades.

I am still working on the 100 words and I think I need some more time to think through. Sorry about that, but I will post later today.

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