AA Inter 3

Particles model by Smart Home Development SRL
November 23, 2011, 9:24 pm
Filed under: 2011-12, Leni

I am currently working on this model. Right now it really looks ugly, tomorrow i hope that i can spray paint the foam and supports black so it will look better and also will be a stronger contrast with the white powder that will fall on it.


Anyway, the idea has progressed from last week’s tutorial. We had spoken that it is important to have a sort of feedback loop so that the tubes are not just placed on a flat surface and the powder does something as it hits the ground. So I did some research and found a site with really good information on the coverage of forest in Japan. Turns out that between 1990 and 2010 the area in hectares covered by forests in Japan has increased! So between 1990-2000 it decreased 7%, then 2000-2005 increased almost 7% and between 2005-2010 increased 12%, which is a huge achievement for any country these days.


The levels in the model are meant to represent this change. Also, the foam was important to add since this process was not a linear one – one tree is planted today and 5 taken down tomorrow etc so the uneven surface is representative of this situation. The powder itself now starts to have different ‘meanings’ / to represent different things. As it blows out of the tubes (which will be connected to a pump) it shows a three-dimensional interpretation of the sound particles moving as wind passes through the trees. Then, as it hits the ground, the powder sediments in these groves in the landscape and starts to show something different. It becomes a rememberance of this very transient event of sound and they leave a static trace.


Hoping that as I keep working on it it will also get prettier! 🙂

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