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Tokyo Heat Island by ptrii
November 23, 2011, 9:27 pm
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First of all, I mimicked the trajectory of the sun on the Shinjuku area with the tungsten light, which I thought was appropriate because the heat of the tungsten light in a ratio to the model is similar to that of the sun in a ratio with the Earth. This is an estimation of course. What I then did but it is not shown on the model yet was to trace these shadows on the model and paint them with acrylic paint so that they become a datum for me to start designing I suppose.

In the model I also added railtracks because the movement that happens in & around them makes them some of the warmest areas in the city.

I thought one way to move forward would be perhaps to paint the data of the temperature reading in another cast model with acrylic paint in the same manner of a surface temperature map. Perhaps this is also something I could do on site in Tokyo when we get there.

After the lights were on for a bit, the temperature was starting to raise steeply (it went from 16C when I started the experiment in the room without lights, to 24C after 20 min with lights on). For the first time I put the fan (ventilator) next to the thermometer, and the temperature went down by 2C in a matter of 90 sec. This was one of the biggest hurrays of the day I guess.

I then tested the temperature of the narrow urban corridors after 20 min with lights off. The temperature was 2C lower than in the railway area.

The other experiment explores the overlay of concrete building + metal panel + lights with a marginal interstitial space between the facade and the new “neon” facade. What I did for this experiment was to use fotovoltaic cell in order to turn on my mobile phone (which was out of battery). This was another hurray, because in the shop (Maplin) they assured that it would not work with LEDs, but it did (see pics). This was another good moment 🙂

Finally, I made another model in the afternoon which I have not photographed, where the lights are embedded into the concrete. In fact it is as manner of experimenting with the artificial shadows in a more accurate scale, because the lights are same scale as model in this new model. I will ph0tograph ASAP.

More to come 🙂

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Patricia, please contact me to silviasmp@gmail.com. Nice work.

Silvia Miralles Pérez

Comment by Silvia

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