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100 words by suyichoi
November 26, 2011, 9:31 pm
Filed under: Su-Yi


I was looking at the broadcasting system at the NHK (Japanese broadcasting station) during the tsunami and earthquake disaster in March 2011. NHK has more than 400 cctv cameras all over Japan in order to retrieve information quicker than any other medias and weather forecast. During this terrible tragedy, they collected live footages from their cctvs and edited them to broadcast the news. What I found interesting was through the process of collecting and editing, there was a manipulation and distortion occurred in the information. They edited the images as the way they want to tell people by deleting scenes, using different perspective, re-sequencing them and so on.  They did not show the crude reality, they exaggerated and created a tragic atmosphere to inform also warn people the seriousness of this disaster.

Inspired by this manipulated and distorted reality that NHK created through the image editing process.

I started an experiment with images I captured using the processing and arduino programs. I connected the arduino with motion (PIR) sensor and vibration sensor, so when there was a movement detected the camera took a still photograph.  Using the real data of Japanese earthquake in March 2011 to create different distortions.


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