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Izu Islands – Gas Mask Towns by tutor
January 19, 2012, 10:45 pm
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“The brave souls inhabiting Miyakejima, one of Japan’s Izu Islands, an archipelago just south of Tokyo, have a unique problem. Here, the land rests atop an active volcanic chain that has erupted six times in the last century. However, the danger isn’t just from volcanic eruptions, but from the highest concentrations of poisonous gasses (primarily sulfur) in the world regularly leaking up through the ground. …”

Read more here. (via atlasobscura)

“… Residents were evacuated from the islands in 1953 and 2000 due to volcanic activity and dangerously high levels of gas. The people returned in 2005 but are now required to carry gas masks with them at all times in case gas levels rise unexpectedly.”

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this is incredible!! but why aren’t the pictures colorful? sepia and bw add up to the creepiness…

Comment by christina v

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