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robots in places deemed too dangerous for humans to enter by tutor
January 26, 2012, 6:48 pm
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Snake-arm robot used at nuclear facilities

“Just like the human arm, the big muscles that drive them are actually mounted on the back and tendons link the muscles to the joints.” The snake-arm is a wonderfully versatile piece of kit as it allows tools such as video cameras, lights, tack welding, cutting, gripping and swabbing gear to be fitted to its tip.

Robot surveillance

“… Robot airship being tested before entry in a competition based around a simulated hazardous materials spillage. The robot blimp must negotiate the accident site without human control, avoiding obstacles such as flames in order to locate dummies posed as casualties. The robot must also inform emergency services how the casualties may be reached safely. …”

Robotic Spider

“… designed to locate gas leaks or provide recon in radiated areas unsafe for humans. The ‘bot is highly mobile and uses hydraulics for powering its legs. Each leg has a bellows system that forces fluid into the legs to make the robot scurry about.”

Military Dogs

Teleoperated robot that “… is a remote human using a communication device to control the operations…”

Robotic prison wardens to patrol South Korean prison

article about robots that “…are equipped with cameras and other sensors that allow them to detect risky behaviour such as violence and suicide.” and “… would alert human guards if they discovered a problem.”

The Observer #1 and #2 by Bjoern Schuelke.


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