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KINETICA ART FAIR 2012 by tthpk
February 11, 2012, 6:59 pm
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Nicole and I am going to the Kinetica Art Fair tomorrow. We will be going to the fair around 2:00.

Anyone want to come with us?

The fair is at,

35 Marylebone Road
London, NW1 5LS

It is near Jubilee line Baker Street Tube and Baker loo line Madame Tussauds.

They say, it is the red gate down the right hand side of the University of Westminster.

If you are interested, text me 07972389



This is tomorrow’s programme!!!

11am Maria Lopes, Dr Dirk Proeckl and Dr Engelbert Winkler – Art, Light, Mind & Brain
Introducing Lucia No3, an innovative kinetic device which invokes a unique visual experience in the viewer’s mind; an artwork created by the individuals’ brain. LUCIA No.03 challenges traditional notions of what art is and its role in society.

Andor Merks – Interactive Self-expression
Andor Merks shares for the first time the research that accompanied the creation of his artworks: a historical review of the evolution of human self-expression from C.G.Jung to virtual reality.


Laura Healey & Madi Boyd – Perception & Art

Performances programme featuring:

Rachel Garrard, Madi Boyd, Ki-Ra, Laura Healey, AV3, Empress Stah Power and Sandra Crisp

2pm Alex Almont – LEGO clock building demonstration
This presentation explores the inner working of mechanical clocks by demonstrating how to build one from LEGO Technic. The clock escapement, pulley mechanism, clock dial and rewinder are demonstrated individually before being assembled into a full working machine that runs from gravity alone.

Anna Dumitriu – Intuition and Ingenuity – The Legacy of Alan Turing
Anna Dumitriu talks about her contribution as artist / curator of the Alan Turing exhibition, Intuition and Ingenuity. 2012 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Alan Turing, one of the greatest minds Britain has ever produced. From inventing the digital computer and helping to decode the German Enigma machine, to founding the science of Artificial Intelligence, the world today would have been a very different place without him and his ideas.

Alex May – Smoke and Mirrors: Geometric Transformations and Time Based Media
Alex May talks about his contribution as an artist of Intuition and Ingenuity. The exhibition takes its name from Turing’s own writing on the subject of mathematical reasoning. It brings together a number of important artists, from digital art pioneers to emerging contemporaries, to investigate Turing’s enduring influence on art and contemporary culture.

Monomatic & pixelpusher – Whitney Evolved: exploring harmony, dynamism and periodicity in audiovisual work
John Whitney Sr. is considered by many to be the godfather of modern motion graphics. His films provide the practical evidence for his hypothesis that “the crucial function in music of harmony’s charge and discharge of tension in chordal and tonal sequences” could be matched in the visual world. Lewis Sykes (Monomatic) & Evan Raskob (pixelpusher) present their take on the mathematical algorithms behind John Whitney’s work and share the methodologies and approaches they’ve employed to realise their contributions to ‘Whitney Evolved’ – including work with design students from Ravensbourne.

Architectural Association – Architectural Intelligent Canopy

Advances in technology have shifted the thinking of how an architectural canopy is designed. The design discipline is now directed towards bearing more performative features; architecture is re-defined as an intelligent machine that integrates numerous computers dedicated to sensing-calculating-actuating; each making their own decisions in order to produce an interactive interface. The combination of dynamic hardware and software systems, which allows for the structure to have functions like recognizing input, generating output, evaluating actions, as well as self-system-recognition, becomes the driving force behind the architect’s dynamic forms.

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