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Hackers, Feral Robotics and Little brother by tutor
March 28, 2012, 8:10 am
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Feral Robotics from Vestal designers

In the last edition of the book ‘Little Brother’ by Cory Doctorow one will find an interesting contribution from Andrew ‘bunnie’ Huang, the Xbox hacker + a inspiring bibliography to expand the more curious readers.

In an extract Andrew explains:

“Hackers are explorers, digital pioneers. It is a hacker’s nature to question conventions and be tempted by intricate problems. Any complex system is sport for a hacker; a side effect of this is the hacker’s natural affinity for problems involving security. Society is a large and complex system, and is certainly not off limits to a little hacking. As a result, hackers are often stereotyped as iconoclasts and social misfits, people who defy social norms for the sake of defiance. When I hacked the Xbox in 2002 while at the MIT, I wasn’t doing it to rebel or to cause harm; I was just following a natural impulse, the same impulse that leads to fixen a broken iPod or exploring the roofs and tunnels at MIT”.

The bibliography is a realm gem, sharing great sources of the book. To mention a few from the many:

-Feral robotics -Natalie Jeremijenko and her students rewire toys to track toxic waste, very inspiring, for more click here

– On hacking arphids, see The RFID hacking underground in wired magazine

And last but not least the book Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, which addresses themes of civil liberty and social activism, for more click here

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