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3/11 effects on Japanese society by mcasselbrant
March 30, 2012, 8:58 pm
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This is a super interesting documentary about how the Japanese society has been effected by the disaster last year, and how radioactivity has been a part of the mentality since WWII.

Some of the things they talk about/interview people about are:

  • Radioactivity is the greatest power, it effects everyone, no matter what political party, race, age, nationality you belong to.
  • Government did not tell the whole truth, and have never really considered effects of an accident seriously enough. Economical growth has been too important and dependent on nuclear power.
  • Tepco is a super powerful company, investing 700 million pounds a year on advertisement. Radio and TV does not really want to be too critical towards Tepco for this reason, it’s very difficult to fund critical documentaries about the accident with Japanese money, and most funding is found in Europe or USA.
  • Japanese women protest more than men. In one city there has been more than 1000 protests the last 20 years against nuclear power.
  • Cultural references like Godzilla (relation to American test of hydrogen bomb), Akira (government trying to control an immense power), and Dreams by Kurosawa (actual nuclear power plant disaster scenario)
  • Music and concerts have become faster and more intense (“We fucking have to live hard and fast to get the most out of our lives”). Young people have an urge to distract themselves from the effects of the disaster.
  • An artist’s mapping of all nuclear bomb tests throughout history, making “boring” info graphically interesting.

This is my favorite documentary show on Swedish television, and it’s really nicely done visually, there’s a lot of nice footage. I strongly recommend watching it, the only problem is that… it’s. in. Swedish… but all interviews are in English! So actually about 50% is English. If you want to know more about some specific part, let me know and I will translate!

Watch it here

And have a nice holiday!


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