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Interactive plants? Yep…kind of by tutor
April 4, 2012, 1:59 pm
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Following our interest in the sentient enviroment we just came across a post on the-creators-project website about Interactive plants. The project has some of the macabre, a bit of the emotional and a lot of the Japanese.

In a way it reminds us of one of our favourite comics by Alan Moore ‘The Swamp Thing’ saga. It conveys a story when the force of nature is embedded with ambiguous emotions of human spirit. The series is a tour the force about the connection between the invisible and the natural and it’s a great piece of literary writing.

The series explores the ‘avatar-like’ connection between human spirit and fluid network of living things without going too esoterical. It would be interesting to know what the designers above would do if they could collaborate with The Swamp Thing and his unconventional emotions…

The Swamp Thing by Alan Moore and John Totleben

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[…] (A project out of Keio University to make plants react and convey emotions. Via AA Inter 3.) […]

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