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See yourself Sensing by dhamphir
June 24, 2012, 10:39 am
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Pls also check out this book(as I have shown you before) and its artists: See Yourself Sensing: Madeline Schwartzman’s new book


Lots of great projects in here—many I’ve not seen before. Plenty of both high- and low-tech projects and with a sense of history and breadth. And the critical analysis is also well done—she groups these projects together to show their raucous investigative energy, rather than a technophile’s future shock:

Projects in this book have also served as examples for theoretical books about embodiment and the current relevance of the human body, with such themes as cyborgian society; posthumanism; cyberspace and social theory; and telepresence and communication theory. Seen in isolation the projects are iconoclastic, utopian, sometimes bizarre or disturbing. Seen together they present a unified look at design for the body—at the complexities of accommodating mobility and sensation simultaneously, at the strategies for augmenting, rewiring, or abrogating the senses, and at the state of the art of the human apparatus. Each project is, in its right, a speculation. Each one is visionary.

Lawrence Malstaf took off his shirt and shoes, and stepped in between the two layers of PVC. Within a minute, he was vacuum-packed between the two transparent layers, suspended in mid-air. Malstaf performed Shrink (1995) twice for the evening’s audience, getting a loud round of applause as he stepped out of the plastic, still breathing and completely unphased by the experience.

“Whether engaging wind, knotting space, morphing the body through pneumatic appendages, or getting lost in the interstice between materials, Eek’s work strives for endlessness…

Her forms wrap and convolute, consume and liberate, become taut and then flaccid through time, wind variation, and the composition of their fabric ‘skins.’”

Video: Proposal for Resuscitating Prehistoric Creatures, Installation view (3D), Mammoth, Hell Pig and Walking Whale.

Before you freeze to death in the Tyrolean mountains, consider this: 5000 years from now, if and when you are found, scientists will be able to tell the most personal details about you, even more than we know about Ötzi. Ötzi is the 5,300 year old man found in the Italian Alps in 1991, and he keeps yielding secrets.

“Not every prosthetic device is designed to increase efficiency and improve ability at the outset. Time Conditioning seems at first to be thwarting efficiency. It s a low-tech hydraulic system for the arm that is engineered to slow down arm movement…[forcing] the arm to move as though it were under water.

The idea is to condition the brain. Once adapted to the new speed, the brain perceives the slowed down pace as normative. When the device is removed, perception is heightened. The body reflexes seem amped up while the muscle neurons retain a slow motion memory.”

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just ordered a copy!!!

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