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Technosensual:where fashion meet technology by dhamphir
June 24, 2012, 10:20 am
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I would like to share advanced dresses containing circuits and arduino from some of my favourite independent Dutch fashion designers in Vienna!

“Technosensual: Where Fashion Meets Technology” is at quartier21, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, Austria, until 2nd September 2012.

TECHNOSENSUAL: where fashion meets technology proves that intelligent fashion has long gone beyond being a vision of the future and brings this topic closer to visitors through lectures, performances, and workshops” says MuseumsQuartier Director Dr. Christian Strasser. Electronic textiles and wearable technologies created by international haute tech couture designers, featuring clothes that make music, change color, and lead a glamorous life of their own, will be presented.

the event focuses on electronic textiles and wearable technologies

Many contemporary fashion designers have for example showed a preoccupation with intelligent textiles and a will to find out how specific fibres and technological components can improve our lives when employed in a garment.

At the moment many of these projects are still at a beta stage, so for example we do not really know when and if nanotechnology will have an impact on our everyday lives, but there is plenty of interest in the technological field.


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