AA Inter 3

First draft- “acculico” by shahafblumer
October 5, 2012, 3:10 pm
Filed under: 2012-13

Right across him, it stood, large machinery, swallows pure, shiny limes. Refreshed fragrance, subtle but at the same time blended with the smell of sea salt and sweat. Quinn follows with his eyes the peculiar scene, dirt is being washed from a long travel. Led away, they reach the red arbitrator. He is looking for a partially yellow tone that evidences their ripeness. Black hands raised up, testing texture of foreign fruit. Hard and green, limes fall to an underground channel, trembling on a journey to the top of the alienated device, for maturity purposes.

Soft and yellowish, the fruits proceed on the conveyor and pitched to pierced planes. Some fail the test of size and seems to be smaller than the pierced holes and therefore are being stored in the bowels of the earth for a prospective departure. The chosen pass beneath a nose. It inhales, detecting sensitive aroma, consequently those who don’t distribute odor, join their resembles in the underground. The unfortunate fruits are being channeled and transmuted to cattle nourishments.

The machine functions with all its power, sharing the chores with some human hands. Last, wrapped with delicate cloth they are introduced to wooden cases that protect the limes which will soon become a marvels drug.    

And as Luis Quinn gulps with his eyes the distinctive spectacle, he notices the second story…     Image

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