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Luis Quinn stro… by Olympia
October 5, 2012, 4:39 pm
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Luis Quinn strode around the ring, arms held high, receiving the praise of the people of Belém do Pará.

As he kept walking across the dock, his attention was attracted by what seemed to be a quarrel between a slave trader and an arrogant wealthy merchant, fighting over the newly arrived slave’s price.

“70 reis per man? There is no way I’m giving you 70 reis for that negro! I can get two indios for that price!”

“But senhor,” – the merchant would respond with indignation – “I guarantee you, not an indio can endure as much as he can. Notice his muscles as if made of iron, his height and strength. I tell you, you won’t find a better product than that! ”

The merchant surveyed the robust constitution, admiring the imposing structure. Certainly the trader had a point.

“I give you 55 reis and not a centavo more! ” – categorically insisted.

“Segnor, look at him, best quality, comes from Guinea, only imagine what you can do with him… You’ve heart the rumors about the precious stones, beyond the sugar plantations, somewhere there, south of Rio Negro. Imagine, lands untouched potential waiting to be discovered – the treasures of the Amazon.”

Silence followed, the thought of it so tempting.

“Fine, I’ll take ten.” – finally surrendered the client, though being fully convinced of the incentive of the purchase.

“Muito bom, segnor , muito bom” – the trader hardly hided his smile from the successful bargain, hands rubbing with satisfaction.

What followed was a careful inspection of the slaves, from head to toe. Just like trying to detect the slightest imperfection in a  diamond, the buyer carried a careful physical examination of the body, looking with suspicion for any flows or missing teeth, particularly missing teeth.

Passing the scene he would call disgusting, Quinn stopped and looked around. Chained black faces packed together leaving the ship. Red faces carrying stalks of sugar cane, barely walking under the weight of the load. Weak Indio with bowed legs, following his master hoping not to be whipped that day. And now, the ten African slaves just purchased, doomed to dig, mine and extract more wealth for their master. A society built on slavery. Brasil respects power and nothing else.

Some men wear their sins on their face”, said Bishop Vasco… 


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