AA Inter 3

STRATIS by conceptstrat
October 5, 2012, 7:54 pm
Filed under: 2012-13

The Ver-o-Peso started shivering, trembling in a continuous, psychoactive euphoria. Brained by the striving efforts of muscles, fibrous and gaseous, the port was standing loose, ready to balance like a pendulum at any specific moment. A massive agglomeration of analog structures, Ver-o-peso began sucking spontaneously cultural and native forces. The impetus of all these forces were accelerating continuous, anti-systemic, figurative emotions, depicted in their very material, thus intangible, form.

With his arms held high, Luis Quinn spread silence in maximum radius.

-”A frog’s eyes can see a single photon of light.”, whispered Bishop Vasco to his left ear, forcing his spline to provoke a sharp angle.

-”Of light.”, Luis Quinn pointed out, his fist held tight. “Are there any photons unknown to them?”, he doubted while slithering his fingers along his vicuna fur. His fine stature attached perfectly to the smooth, elegant figures he portrayed, eagerly dictating an unbounded corridor. More than the men around him, from the women in the balconies, could fit in that corridor.

-”The unknown is the one that has not been invented; yet.” Bishop Vasco dragged the ambience of the moment towards himself, without giving any satisfying answer.

One was gazing at the port, with his eyes scanning the outermost visible elements. An unknown wind configured these intangible loads that were vibrating on the land, thus his flat watercraft was standing still on water. As he was shifting his eyes’ direction from one side to the other, trying to digest the view, his cynic, male face gesture turned into a pale, silent relief. His emotions were becoming more and more intense as he was approaching Ver-o-Peso, logging-into encrypted axioms of the fragmented landscape.




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