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Aftermath: Population Zero by conceptstrat
November 3, 2012, 2:31 pm
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There has been a lot of talk in the unit about the relationship of human with nature , as well as the transformation of the natural landscape to a more industrial,mechanical, human-made one.

Aftermath: Population Zero is a quite an interesting documentary questioning ”What if the human population of the world suddenly disappeared?”, what would happen to the mega-cities and consequently to the animals, the trees, the air and so on. What are the ‘deadly forces’ we would live behind? Would the whole ecosystem manage to adapt?

Although it is an intense dystopian view of how we will keep affecting the planet (nuclear power plants and automated systems will bring a series of catastrophes), the whole speculation on it is really well filmed and interesting to look at.

The whole scenery of the Eiffel tower eroding after 250 years and how the industrial, machine materials start merging with nature, reminds me of Lebbeus Woods’ project “Arcadia” – structures in nature; how does pure nature integrate with the man-made?


Architecture’s quality

might rightly be judged,

not by the problems it solves,

but by the problems

it creates.”

(Lebbeus Woods)


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