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Brain Pods by shahafblumer
February 12, 2013, 8:09 pm
Filed under: 2012-13

origram proposalBrain Pods

The building operates as a Brain Research and treatment Center. It is a passage between the shamanism’s phenomenon in the tribes in the Amazon forests and the urban contemporary fabric. A large scale pipe(snake) transporting acidic water from the Rio-Negro to the main public area where a fountain like structure is processing old part of the building (ruins) and when the water comes in contact with the building’s material it creates fermentation which releases gas to the air.
Around the fountain there are seats where ADHD Patients can inhale the gas and be treated. However it is not only a place for ADHD people but also for people who are intended to expand their world perception.
The four suspended pods are functioning as: Examination of Patients, Research Lab 1: ADHD, Research Lab 2: Psychedelic information created in the brain, Teaching Pod (understanding the “new treatment”).
The main entrance to the building is through arches (taken from the old interior of the site), when the people can’t see the façade which is facing the main street. It consists of an accumulation of the previous façades. Giving it a solid and heavy appearance which leaves the light to penetrate vertically.
The right side flanking the arches is a layered contemporary façade which gives an illusionary point of view to the interior of the building. The left side is Column Boulevard which directs the people to a lime garden when in front, private patient’s rooms are located. Behind are two other smaller fountains.

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