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Constructing a reality by conceptstrat
February 12, 2013, 8:25 pm
Filed under: 2012-13

11.i 10.iConstructing a reality

Light is both the substance and the glare. The project deals with light as the measure of time and space, following a process of “extracting” light from its natural context, surveying it through human,non-human procedures and engaging with the relevance of “sacredness” and reality to the contemporary context. The true appearance, or the “unconcealment” of reality, differs from the semblance, the “pretending to be”, in the sense of, in the first case, revealing the reality or, in the second, interpreting/crafting a new one. The spaces are separated as being surveying, measuring light as the substance of any reality, and performative, operating in a social context of separate cultures and classes, aiming to construct and form unprecedented, new becomings. In these spaces, through the critical conception of appearance-disappearance and the notion of presence, light becomes visible and perceptible, as visual stimulation, and as energy, being manufactured as product/outcome of scientific data versus supernatural pseudo-knowledge (non-certified information).

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