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The Flooding Sanctuary by jovanovicstefan
February 12, 2013, 6:38 pm
Filed under: 2012-13

The Flooding Sanctuary

The flooding of the Rio Negro set a new record last spring, the greatest one in the past one hundred years. Estimations were made that about twenty thousand people were immediately displaced, 450 million dollars was spent on helping displaced families, and another 5.5 million on the worst hit areas. While the flood cannot be prevented, music can be used as an acoustic diversion from the physical impact of water. The very same rainwater that causes the river to flood will be collected by deployable drones that will transfer this natural phenomenon’s energy into something melodic; loud enough to drain the unorganized noise of the water…like the angelic voice of an Indio child. If the people of the tribes close their eyes and ignore the inevitable, they can listen, or believe they are listening to a voice from above. Whilst the drones will be scattered across FAS’ reserves in the Amazon region, the people in Manaus will be able to convene at the sanctuary located at Praça Oswaldo Cruz. Amongst the old ruins of the Booth-line Company they will turn to faith, in a sacred site, and let the hornlike organ distract their thoughts to a better-fabricated reality.

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