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PLASTIC RAIN NEW YEAR by eleonoreaudi
February 13, 2013, 12:44 am
Filed under: 2012-13

When we arrived in Manaus we saw a large queue of people all chaotically agglomerated against the fence along Avenida Leonida. Some were dumping trash from the bridge into the Igarape, others were waiting to feed large colourful birds. As the creatures approach they resembled less and less macaws but rather the illusion of macaws, flows of colours blurred in gradients and large beaks, their cabled eyes allow them to scan in an instant the quality of what they are being fed. .Over the collecting phase, each type of plastic was accumulated into separated enormous mounts according to their different types and densities.

This procedure, we were told, goes on for four months: August, September, October November. When December comes the shredder starts growling and mumbling . The formless mountains of trash get processed into smaller shredded piece colour coded. All the materials gets prepared for the Final phase.

January: the dam open its gate, water starts flowing out of the fine openings. The long rested turbines spine faster and faster and activate all the potential water energy accumulated over the previous year.This production of energy will be used to execute the Grand final.

Heat rises, plastic melts, turns into fine rods, cut into small palets and expulsed out of the beast.The Three day  plastic rain announces another year of mass manufacturing in the ZonaFranca.


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