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The Bloodstained Preservatory by gordongn
February 13, 2013, 10:03 pm
Filed under: 2012-13

The project acts as a both a Blood Bank and an Ant farm on the banks of Velho Airao. The town’s locative use as the central distribution core during the rubber boom is once again re-established, and surrounding villages and communities no longer worry about the 6 hour boat-ride to get their maladies treated, as the blood bank stores blood precisely for these emergencies. The theme of preservation is rife throughout, with the growing ant farm preserving the legacy of Velho Airao as the town over-ridden by ants, blood being preserved through cryopreservation through the nitrogen harvested on the ant farms as well as a digital repository that contains traces of what was once the thriving Amazon.

As it aims to mutualise the relationship between these armies of ants and the nitrogen harvesters, the building becomes part of a novel ecosystem, as it feeds on the extracted nitrogen. The ants are not only used as farmers, but as a defense mechanism against any incoming ‘predators’ against the building. Transient visitors making the journey to this outpost will be required to donate blood as payment before they are allowed to start their tours of the repository in its quest to cure environmental generational amnesia. The tainted and cursed Velho Airao is now literally ‘blood-stained’, acting as healer, utilizing the forest to preserve humanity while humanity dreams of preserving the forest.



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