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The vegetal hybris is getting high… by chloeriviere2012
May 12, 2013, 1:10 pm
Filed under: 2012-13

The naked trunk of the brazil nut tree aspires for light and pierces the tenebrous forest as it is his only survival option. it will be the rudest trial of strength it will have to overcome. If he do so, his next battle will be less hasty and of a different nature.

One day, it will stop its race to the sky and decide that the fight for height has no more sense. What happens when this shift or priority happen? What happens when there is no need to grow higher anymore? The violence of the growth is replaced by a peaceful state that gives all the grace to the Brazil nut tree. Human knows that the years of evolution of these giants have created an immensely powerful engine with progressed intensive and extensive properties such as its shape, the smell and disposition of it parts. It has made itself a survival weapon. Power and control is given the ones that have domesticated their enemies and built a strategy for victory. Humans, obsessed by an inexhaustible desire of conquest, have always fought for expending their boundaries and possess other lands and richness. But today it is facing new kinds of challenges and one is to control biological life cycles.

The project sets in the new geological epoch of the Anthropocene.

If the tree can grow higher than any other trees this means he has develop a superior kind of intelligence to survive, and the human is curious about this. The heightening knowledge of these biological powers will shape our future because humans will use it to nurture his unstoppable need for resources, and modify the way it functions. Because thousands of trees are not sufficient enough to sustain millions of humans, it might be that increasing the speed of natural cycles will save our species. After all, That is the rule of nature: fight or die. Why human should be an exception, we are natural after all.

The architecture works as an analogy for the moments of violence and peace of the tree growth, the shift of energies that determines the agency of the giant. The infrastructure that is introduced permits the avid scientist and the vegeto-curious visitor to access to the light in a place where it is a rare commodity. The darkness of the forest is the darkness of the technological era we are living in our civilisation today and the complex mechanisation of the system surrounding the tree is a reflection of the symptoms of progress. The glimpse of light piercing the deepness of the canopy will be the call for the hectic vegeto-humans looking for the redemption of their own race. This way, the architecture bridges the dim ground to the ultimate pace level, from darkness to light, through a vertical gradient that choregraphs the rhythm of our boosted society until time stops when he will face the dazzling beauty of the upper world, and clutch the horizon of the rainforest’s canopy.

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