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May 20, 2013, 7:17 pm
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The project defines the apparition as an observable and sensible experience, that cannot be related to a real thing. Light is both the substance and the glare. In that same way, an apparition is both a construct of geometric qualities of light and a visual experience of an individual observer. 

According to the Roman Catholic Church, nine Marian apparitions have been historically approved, evaluated based on the faith of the witnesses and the content of the revelations. The official account of our Lady of Aparecida apparition is recorded in October 1717 in Brazil, when Virgin Mary appeared for the first time black-skinned, leading to the symbolization of the event as a blessing to Brazil and an increased devotion of Afro-Brazilians to Her. The city of Manaus attributes its faith to our Lady of Aparecida by founding the church of Nossa Senhora Aparecida in 1958, celebrating Her appearance and miracles annually, on the 12th of October.

The demythologization of the apparition is a process of manufacturing such phenomena to investigate their definition and their contemporary social value. The ambiguity of a supernatural phenomenon is explored through the design of an optometry procedure that samples subjective interpretations of observers to produce scientific data and mechanize such experiences in space.

Since apparitions have long been valued as distinct, significant phenomena in the name of faith and religion, is their technological manufacturing of equal value?


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