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Sharpened Disorder by shahafblumer
May 21, 2013, 10:55 am
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This is a place where subject’s paradigms are altered in regards to perception of reality.

The preconceptions about Attention deficient hyperactivity disorder are transformed and regulated by these individual’s experience. The disorder is externalized and this ‘other’ state of mind seems real as our awaking states.

The unit explores the notion of resources through time, technology and nature.

In my project I explore the relation of shamanism as a resource of knowledge and practice, uses medicinal alteration of consciousness and perception of reality as we know it, and Ritalin, a contemporary drug for treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, which is trying to be the accelerated and modern answer for enhanced and sharpened reality.

By saying “sharpen” I mean: speeding up mental as well as physical processes. Ritalin does this by stimulating the underactive neurons in the brain so they work harder, which allows the person to focus and pay attention.

The popularity of this drug has increased among ADHD and healthy people in the past 10 years. It can be abused and become “cognition enhancer”. In this case it is experienced as a rush or high, because it is affecting the dopamine system in the brain.

The project addresses three important issues:

1)       Understanding and recognition of the disorder.

2)       Natural treatment for sharpening the mind based on the shaman’s beliefs.

3)       Utilizing the disorder’s perception for realizing the true none linear system of reality.

The phenomenon of shamanism is widespread and developed among tribes in the Amazon. Their rituals consist of Psychedelics and other techniques in order to guide the users along desired pathways of spirituality awakening and enlightenment.

The Shamans in the courtyard are the responsible for its physical transformation and they are the ones that evoke spontaneous organization of psychedelic information in the people’s mind.


Much of the information in a psychedelic hallucination that is experienced in rituals by shamans in the Amazon may be accurately described as kaleidoscopic noise, but within this noise comes an outstanding content and truth about reality. At the same time an ADHD patients describe their experience of having the disorder as living in a fast-moving kaleidoscope, where sounds, images, and thoughts are constantly shifting.

The design is soliciting input from the shamanism and the Psychedelic Information Theory studied and developed by psychiatrists.

Through this courtyard which consists of primary and subsidiary structures and sits along the Rio Negro in Manaus, I am integrating the disorder and the patients, with the common values of the local population. In Brazil and in Manaus people have doubts in regards to Ritalin which is artificial drug, although Brazil has a large attention deficit disorder population.

People with ADHD disorder often sense distinct from the larger society. The alienation that surrounds these individuals can be read as lack of power, but the project offers a new way of looking at the disorder suggesting that the perception of ADHD people is actually the expanded and enhanced one.

It might be perceived in a chaotic way but it is sure complex and layered as our true non linear world. People without the disorder see the world in a linear way; however the reality is different and exists in multiple levels.

As a quote from the book Brasyle by Ian McDonald says: “This chaos, this uncertainty and clamor of the eyes, how can you ever know what is real and what is false? How can you find your way back to the true world? They are all true worlds, that is the thing. We live in the last whispered syllable of time, dreams within dreams.”


The disorder is being managed and organized in the external environment that I designed. The space is exhibiting the disorder as a powerful tool to perceive the complexity of the world that we are living in. I see the disorder as a state of conscience, a different form of human energy.


The courtyard is intended for the public of Manaus whether or not they are affected by ADHD, but it is experienced in an individual manner.

The courtyard is centered around conic ground floor hall that functions as a great hall for gathering and transition. It is entered through arches and a platform that is inclined downwards to a concave of ruins. A gigantic snake pipe is dividing this space until its mid point where the ruins are being dissolved by the acidic water from the Rio Negro. The ruins from the existed façade were previously crashed and processed in the small pod and then transported to the main hall. A gas is released to the air and penetrates the top concrete slab through small cavities. This is a part of the natural curing system.

  The crew in the main pod is conducting a wide variety of patient studies and observations. The psychiatrists understand the disorder by analyzing in a rational way the mind which makes sense of distorted perceptions. They are gaining insights into the shattered perceptions of ADHD people. 

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