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May 21, 2013, 1:10 am
Filed under: 2012-13

The Management of natural resources is a complex subject that involves many stakeholders with diverging interests, added to a constant confrontation of local benefits to large-scale development pressures. Preservation units have become some ideal islands of environmental protection sustained by small governmental groups. While Samsung, coca cola and other gigantic corporations start investing in the global project, it is crucial that the conservation zones embed a performing strategy for economic survival.

There is a double dimension with preservation. One is to delimitate an area to forbid illegal intruder, which is the main strategy used in Amazonia in order to reduce deforestation. On another subtler level it proposes a new community layout, a development frame that is based on the responsible use of land and an involvement of the individuals, and to what is profitable.

But then, again, what is profitable, and for who? How does a preservation unit work within the context of the inhabited forest and to what extent the human has a role to play in the regeneration of nature? These are the questions that have obsessively reshape the aspect of the project because they cast doubt on what makes a reserve what it is.

The infrastructure highlights one iconic figure of the forest: The Brazil nut tree. The experience of the visitor coming to Amazonia is choreographed so that the individual can feel part of a spectrum of life and activities that have different symbiotic relationships with the tree. The local inhabitants, the tourists and the environment co-exist and become part of a whole. 

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