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Growth and Decay by tutor
June 6, 2013, 2:24 pm
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The inspiring animation was produced by the architectural student Nigel Dakin. On his own words:

“Demand for resources in the consumer world is ever increasing. Investments are made to search for locations deeper inside the world’s last remaining natural landscapes that have remained unchanged for millennia. The western world encroaches upon the civilizations of primitive tribes that sustain their existence from the rich ecosystems of the rainforest. In the near future the last native tribes of the amazon rainforest will become engulfed within the world of money, consumption and modern commodity.

This project represents the process of growth and decay as the western world searches for new horizons in which to extract resources to enable growth. With the discovery of these precious resources comes great riches and as has been seen with the gold and diamond towns of the americas and the oil rich middle east, cities grow rapidly. The city grows as the resources decay. Yet, what happens when the supply runs dry? When the riches can no longer be extracted? What future does our consumer civilization have without the balance of growth and decay?”


For more information on the project please click here

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