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AA Inter 3 Brief 2013-14 by tutor
October 7, 2013, 12:00 pm
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Things that Never Were 

‘When it comes, the culture of the Now will not oppose the present world as an invading army opposes its enemy, but rather as a new day overtakes the old – in the natural course of things, when the old world is tired and asleep and dreaming of this dawn.’ – Lebbeus Woods

b_INTER3_2013Eleonore Audi – Myth of the Trash Macau

This year Intermediate 3 embarks on ‘Things that Never Were’ – an investigation of the creation and mediation of myths. Within architecture, tales and stories serve as bearers of symbolism and function, helping to simplify complex system environments for wider community access. Some stories evolve into histories, others become conspiracies, and some merely serve as fleeting moments. Over time various perceptions of environmental events have spawned multiple, disparate and antagonistic narratives among activists, terrorists and conservatives who struggle to find a place within mainstream media. Intermediate 3 will explore alternative settings based on existing environmental claims to learn about the roles technology and infrastructures play in cities and landscapes.

How do we construct and mediate a reality through stories and architecture? The unit will explore this question through physical model-making and drawings of alternate constructs. We will craft and tinker with large-scale models using numerous approaches – from digital scanning to hand crafting. And our drawings will serve as maps and renderings of our newly generated environments.

Intermediate 3 will voyage through strange places and unfamiliar truths in a ragged premiere of possible alternate futures, or ‘Things that Never Were’. We will read, think and, most importantly, discuss through design. We will reference environmental past and present scenarios and imagine fictional and functional variations. Through these investigations we will address the relevance and role of imagination in the age of sustainability evangelism and media relativism.

Extended Brief

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