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Light as a mean of communication by berkinislam
November 12, 2013, 6:39 pm
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Hi Berkin, thanks for the post.
1) The diagrams (when one reads the text) have great potential to be an interesting prototype. Try to work on them incorporating what you describe in the text, giving depth/thickness, materiality, dividing into elements, feedback loop?, sender – receiver? part etc
2) Of course you can but there is no need to base the design of the prototype on the design of your part of the city. It’s the concept that is extracted and developed into a prototype now.
3) You could also consider using temperature sensors. The higher the temp the more mist the more light turns on…
4) Do a few simple / basic tests with one light first, before you start setting the network of lights.
5) Start thinking about the light pattern or choose parameters on which the light ‘dance’ is based on. Maybe based on temperature? Does a certain pattern mean something?
6) You could maybe also control the luminance of each light, so that it is not just on and off but has a range of intensities.
7) Another reference for you: http://www.nilsvoelker.com/content/64ccfl/index.html
and this one in terms of creation of patterns: http://www.nilsvoelker.com/content/variationsOnPi/index.html

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