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prototype- an ampibious architecture by faywk
November 13, 2013, 3:40 am
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Hi Fay, thanks for uploading your sketches. Here are a few comments / tips:
1) A prototype that uses two natural forces as inputs can be very interesting, it may however be quite challenging and difficult to balance. If water / the sea is very rough with loads of waves, the air is usually not calm, it would be very windy or even stormy. So measuring both, water/waves and air/wind, what you get would most likely be quite similar values on both ends, either high or low values.
2) Try to be clearer about what exactly the captured data is used for. Opening / closing the sail is a beginning.
3) Maybe also think in the other direction, if motion in the air is measured what happens on the other end? Does it open/close the paddle for instance? Then you start having a conversation between the two forces and talk about balance. Do you maybe want to counterbalance the natural motions?
4) Design wise you could continue with your previous model and develop it further (as discussed in your crit, it had more of a prototype / a mechanism than it was representing a part of a city). Start with one ‘arm’ for the testing with arduino.
5) Another reference maybe interesting for you: http://sy-lab.net/Tentacle
6) Have a more detailed precise diagram of the prototype for Friday. And start assembling first parts to test with arduino.

Comment by tutor

Hi Fay, this reminded me of your work. One possibility of how something could react to water / air movement.

Comment by tutor

Hi Fay, that’s the reference mentioned today:

Comment by tutor

its seams really interesting, crongrats from México !

Comment by Saúl Núñez Ibarra

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