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Site Plan 1:2000 by limcher
February 25, 2014, 9:04 pm
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Following up from last week’s diagram – here is the 1:2000 site plan, in which I had to figure out the relation of the connection between the bridge and the ground – along with several notes made.

I was hoping to add an integration of a bamboo plantation from Kaoh Pan island towards the bridge, to act as a lead for the people from the bridge into the island itself where the bamboo separates two paths – one towards to local market, and one towards the residences of the villagers of Kaoh Pan Island.

On the other Kampong Cham side of the bridge, where the area is constantly submerged within the water, the bridge splits up into three directions, one overheaded bridge that leads directly into the Kampong Cham market, as an extension to the bridge activities, and the other two roads leading towards central Kampong Cham and Phnom Penh mainly for transportation of goods.

Both the bridge heads are made of concrete, which then gradually fuses at some point with the bamboo bridge structure that floats up and down.

The kitchen, that is still in progress will be circular shaped with several inner ring layers of belts for the sorting of 1. rubbish, 2. goods to kampong cham, 3. goods to phnom penh, 4. goods to kaoh pan island, 5. goods to cook for the restaurant.


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Thanks for the post! We hope you are feeling better.

In relation to the project it would be very important to further investigate the form of the bridge. At the moment it looks very interesting but it is hard to understand the ‘rational’ or design input that have enabled you to shape and design the form the way it is. So we recommend producing diagrams in plan and section that explore (not only justify) the form of the project based on its peculiar functions. The kitchen starts to be a interesting element, but also the connection with the ground on both ends and its ‘start like shape’ need to be further investigated, otherwise it can be seen as an simple formalism.
We also asked all students to select 2 architectural references: one of a built project and one of an unbuild project. We suggest to choose projects that inform your design directly and where you can find ‘lessons to learn’ and also aspire for a certain project quality or vision. Please bring one reference per page for Friday and also the additional design work.

Good luck and we look forward to see you Friday!

Comment by tutor

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