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March 4, 2014, 11:11 pm
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first diagrammatic relationships were extended to articulate the notion that the archive revolves and is activated by the shadow theatre during the night as much as the shadow theatre is activated by the archive during the day. Hence the themes of light and day, contrast, shadows and ash are melded into the space and I want to (through this) push the notion of palimpsest.


the notion that the activity of the shadow theatre activates the spaces, the canopies are built to inflate in heat and form a angle to project the ashes. conversely during daytime the sunlight archives the users on the exterior of the space using sunlight. this play amplifies the notion of the user, the ash, history and the palimpsest. (Ricardo before my example of mirrors and/or magnifiers was dropped to see if I can in some way stick to just the way the form of the screens can change to accompany the activity – the subtle change relating to the flux of the city, and as a way to archive present activities along the central space).

And so some tests were done (here are a few images).


the next step would perhaps be to experiment with the material and the precise angle movement implication and make it more relevant to the space (as a back and forth between the developing program set-up and the nature of how the canopies might accommodate their relationship to it and themselves).

some current thoughts of the intention… (the central space would thus be sandwiched by an actual archive of ash and the shadow theater of ash around, I imagine the space to develop not only into circulation space but perhaps a series of reading and contemplative spaces connecting the shadow theatres). Please enlarge this to get a better sense of what I am after (the canopies react to heat and project etc.)



some thoughts…



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Hi Raz, thanks for the post,

The project has certainly evolved. it is also great to see more TS experiments and investigation happening – carry on.

One very important issue in your project would be ventilation and the ambiance that it can generate. Thinking pragmatically you firing points in a underground public space what sets either a worry or a great challenge. The challenge could be how those systems of environmental extraction and purification of air can also have an impact on the design ambiance (rather than just M&E pipes on the wall). First what are the existing systems that you could tap into/learn from? How would they be altered or challenged by the fire presence? The parameter of environmental air quality can also be conceptual but it is primary a basic element to be addressed on TS and unit. Would the panels and ash gathering be part of that air ‘sucking’ choreography (hot air above/cold air below). Normally dust gather and ‘dirties’ AC’s in buildings leaving that dusty/crusty patina. Are you taking advantage of it for your design? How would it help you size the space: for how many people the space is designed and how many panels are needed in order to filter the air and amplify it through the performance? The shadow theater deals with things that are not the real object, like the ash is also a trace. Potentially this cycle between process and object//object and process can be used to design the panels and their function of protecting and collecting while maintain the air clean and the ambiance unique.

The top drawings is starting to gain force, but the lower ones with the fire feels a bit simplistic since the fire seems to be just in the open. Probably more options would help you come to the best solution. Please take in consideration the comments above.

Drawings about the space dimension with ventilation/fire/panel strategy in more detail would be a good next step.

Good luck!

Comment by tutor

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