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Project Brainstorm : Design by nrieffel
March 4, 2014, 11:15 pm
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Project Brainstorm : Design

Following on from the tutorial on tuesday, I have started to look at the relationship between the project and the TS. Trying to use the TS as a way to move my design forward. Sketching and noting different possibilities of the mechanism and the bridge. Using the main theme of ‘fragility,’ I am designing a bridge which is assisted by human and technological (possibly, Arduino) help . The bridge then goes from stages of instability to rooted columns in the ground unable to move. This difference in appearance of the bridge starts to talk about the kind of presence I intend for these people to have on this new ground.

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Thanks for the post Natacha! It looks promising, unfortunately is hard to check the details as the image is small (could not access it from the admin also). But judging from what we can see and the other TS posts it would be great if you can further the exploration in a series of sections investigating the exchange between growth and cultural use. A series of sections will help also add more resolution in terms of story. Nothing to change just to evolve at the moment. Could you explain what are the TS ideas at the moment in more detail? We can see the living facade concept and you mentioned arduino. What could be a creative way to explore it? What are the pressures of your project that could relocate the technology in a new context – in this sense you would not be only using it but would have to ‘bend it’ in order to figure out its adaptation to your project context.

As a separate appendix comment there is a plug in software called Xfrog for c4d that deals with plant growth, another one is called VUE, a landscape software. All have a learning curve but potentially they could be useful on visualization or process development of growth patterns/living facade – worth checking at least.

Good luck!

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