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by berkinislam
March 5, 2014, 6:19 am
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Since last week I was interested in developing a specific space from the overall proposal by introducing a new aspect of observation and documentation of data. The architecture of the proposal is based on the ideas of demarcation of land, as well as observation and translation of data (besides the main infrastructural approach of collecting and storing water for the post-fisherman society). The new aspect is the introduction of a digital Camera Obscura that translates information from the surrounding into one particular sacred space with specific light conditions.
The Panopticon/Outpost is located on the top of the Sentinel. It a single room that rest on a water equilibrium, hence prone to dis-balance if there is a change in water level. It is a sacred room fashioned with fish bones and fishing tools. It resembles a the protective top layer, of a layering architecture that evolves underground. Its presence stirs the begins of a mystical underground society that is forgotten by the city. Tales of mysterious phenomena begin to emerge. Its shadows are demarcating the territories it needs to supply its self with sufficient amount of water, both for keeping the room afloat, as well as having temporary fishing activities during dry season. Once the water evaporates, the room disintegrates and collapses. A communication between the overground and underground spaces is formed through the specific layering of the proposal that leads to different activities on different levels. Currently some ideas revolve in introducing suspended yet buried workshops, steam rooms, furnace.


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Thanks for the post Berkin.

The project narrative evolved substantially in the last days including several new elements (internet/fish bone rooms). The line diagrams explain is behavior, but do not explain why the workshops have/are best to be positioned underground. Is it a design decision? Explain please.

The idea of the structure needing water to be stable could utilize the Angkor Wat as a precedent since the complex needs water and sand to be stable. A diagram would be useful.

The idea of communication and land exploration on the design of the architecture should be further explored. Since you have been working on the strategy of its positioning on the ground the design has become more structural and external. Would it be a good moment to consider the spatial/tactile qualities of its presence for the user/post fisherman? In this way the project would gain other spatial qualities than the infrastructural ones. The 3d posted can be explored in its architectural qualities for example -at the moment is hard to read its specificity (find a principle to design that guides the design not just as structural but spatial also). You have been working constantly on 3d but they have not yet being a steady and personal part of the workflow – they have been more of a sketch exercise. Mixed media?

The project is definitely evolving just design in a smaller scale too in order to incorporate most spatial and storytelling facts of what are this post-fisherman and how they live in the drowned lake.

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