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Nomadic Autonomous Synthesis by leonardschrage
March 5, 2014, 11:23 am
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For Tuesday I updated narrative of the proposal, linking it more closely to the background of Cambodia and its history. Also, I tried to narrow down the focus of the project on independence, firstly, in terms of location and secondly, in terms of economy. Now a constraint is a group of 100 people (fisherman + families) working on this experimental unit, using it as a prototype for alternative ways of living.

Solar-01The three diagrammatic cross-sections show the general concept of the design. A hovercraft like structure being able to move on water as well as on plain land. The first section shows housing units hanging from a large roof. Lifting up the dwelling derives from the tradition of stilted houses. The space below the pendant dwellings is used for storage and mixes public and private space. The solar panes on top of the roof are built and operated by the inhabitants themselves in order to harvest just enough energy for their specific needs.


This section through the middle part of the unit cuts through the market. The market is used to interchange goods within the system itself but especially with other prototypes coming from other villages with different trades. In a monthly meetings those units would eg. trade fish for ceramic pottery. The roof of the market not only gives shelter using the notion of the umbrella like roof structures which are very common in Cambodia but also collects water.Rice-01The third cross-section through the back of the unit shows a rice field like mountain dwelling with rooms for community space. Exposed to sunlight and rain, the roofs and terraces of the structure are used to grow and harvest rice while the inside is a communal space and also utilised for setting direction of the nomadic unit, based on a communal decision.

As a next step I am working on an arial shot of the unit for a more spatial and less diagrammatic understanding. Also, I am trying to add more and more detail to the drawings, going into the direction of my unbuilt reference and the following project by amid.cero.


metalocus_amid_cero9_03_The_Big Mech %26 CO (2008-2009)_1080

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Thanks for the post Leo.

The text is clear and it illustrates the project problematic and strategic response. The sections (although very basic) operates well as a beginning stage of how a design could respond to the text.
Carry on the section now including not only built forms, but also uses and their implication on the live of the section, people’s flow and how the space organize and craft their qualities. You mentioned an aerial shot, sounds interesting,but please play with other qualities of the project to enrich its qualitative spatial/environmental side too.

Question: have you already decided the main TS focus? How many meanings have you got? Since the energy harvesting could radically relate to the dwelling performance and nature. In parallel work on designing the reference in 3D explaining a part of it. You asked us for a reference on floating architecture is it the TS focus?

Please let us know + good luck!

Comment by tutor

Thank you for your feedback!
My TS focus has been renewable energies and self-sustainable systems with the means of a developing country so far but since my project shifted quite a bit, I am not 100% sure about this. References both for this topic as well as floating architecture would be interesting, I guess – if you have any.

Comment by leonardschrage

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