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Section Floating Gardens by mayalait
March 5, 2014, 2:15 am
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Section Floating Gardens

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Hi Maya!

Very exciting long section, very long indeed! It is really inspiring to check the brainstorm in the hand drawing. The text help to understand it in more detail.

We noticed the small sketches on white lines on the side. We would recommend if you can developed them in two fronts:
1- Add one design parameter and spatial quality in each (one parameter is the environmental performance, but could you also add for example a sensorial, functional parameter – informing how these people leave in this scenario/what do they do and how the architecture enables them to have their livelihood sustained?)
2- Complement the drawing with technical references. On the side of the drawings place systems that you are recreating to make your architectural function (inflatables/floating/bambu/nets/fabric/your diagrams not google images). please do that in an organized fashion so later they can be split between TS report and unit work.
This closed up in each part complemented with the technical section will give you a good overview of the project and what are the main priorities. They will also help you bridge brainstorm into a more precise design (meaning still creative but more controlled).

Invest on the reference 3d modeling and produce a diagram where you can explain the system and its consequences (from temperature increase leading to air shawod//growth/etc).

Next Friday let’s discuss the TS ambition, the final goal and how you can work towards that (final working prototype?).

Carry on and good luck!

Comment by tutor

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