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The Floating Gardens by mayalait
March 5, 2014, 1:56 am
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“Can the residents of former Boueng Kak use the air above the filled lake for future development? – By creating a shading system for growth with inflatable, floating structures condensing water vapor from the air, they can make a natural irrigation system for a vertical agriculture of water gardens, inhabiting the space underneath them.”


Clouds, by  Paisajes Emergentes

Called Clouds, is a proposed installation to be located in every town that will be flooded by the Ituango Hydroelectric Dam megaproject in Colombia. The project is from the Colombian architects Paisajes Emergentes in collaboration with Lovisa Lindström, Sara Hellgren and Sebastian Monsalve. While cities and villages await the start of dam construction and their inevitable drowning, these ominous clouds will be deployed up to the water level of a future reservoir, forming an archipelago of artificial islands in an absent artificial lake. This can be read as an act of protest for environmental and social justice — as a refreshing change from the typical Archigram and Buckminster Fuller-inspired apocalyptic and utopian buoyant scenarios.

The Floating GardensHydroelectriccopy-01



Migrating Floating Gardens, by Rael San Fratello Architects

Migrating Floating Gardens is a sketch for a project that predicts the next location for green in urban environments. Historically, urban environments encroached upon outlying wilderness and green was detached from the city. Currently, the vertical surface is receiving much attention as the axis for green in urban environments. As the Cartesian axes have all been heavily considered as sites for green, the logical next location lies in non-Cartesian space—floating in the air. The Migrating Floating Gardens is a proposal by Rael San Fratello Architects that predict the next location for green in urban environments that are currently being transformed into concrete jungles. These floating gardens are suspended in the air from largely remotely controlled dirigibles. In addition to the hyper responsive forms that produce shade or create new environments, advertising can fuel the gardens presence in the skies, replacing sky writing, blimps and banners pulled by airplanes, creating a more dynamic, three-dimensional and ecological aerial media.


I find these two projects interesting, as they are both dealing with environmental- and  social issues with future urban and economic growth – by using the air and inflatable/flying structures to generate a debate, with new “utopian solutions”.


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