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March 5, 2014, 2:25 am
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3d model + Digital paint… – Still needs hand drawing overlay

New iteration of structure to view augmentation of Phnom Penh. Entrance into structure evolves into an incline precession, leading the member of the tower to crawl through a small opening. This movement forces the human head forward and channels a view of the city, creating full augmentation. After exiting this canal the member comes down a series of stairs and sits in a seat . All of this is in conjunction with  personal oculus device,  augmented the environment. Currently working on sections to show this crawling and connection between human anatomy and structure and working on systematic coherence diagram for structure.

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Comment by mayalait

Thanks for the post Liam, It looks like the configuration has evolved. Absolutely the section is very important, work on that, but also on the posted render try to evolve it explain its internal logic. What are the design decisions present in the design (the small opening//how small, the ascension//how inclined/long)? Would the dimension of the room also carries this ‘Alice in the Wonderland’ logic as well? It would be good if one layer of the drawing could be to explain the decisions with diagrams + explore it further. Carry on and as discussed last week aim to finish this part of the design by Friday so you can apply the found/investigated design principles to other parts of the proposal (that is why the diagrams are so important).

Good luck!!

Comment by tutor

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