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Visualisation 1 by jocelynarnold
March 5, 2014, 1:11 am
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Visualisation 1

Erosion Process and Gate Performance

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Hi Jocelyn, thanks for the post.

It is good to see some progress starting to occur. The text explains well the overall work frame of the project. Now how could those orientation qualities be also applied on the rendering/drawings?
From the images we can perceive the process of erosion (or melting??!) but we cannot yet grasp the design decisions that shape the gate. For example could you have fixed spaces withing the gate volume that would not erode but would be consequentially altered by the eroded parts. The idea of the gate demarcating and being used for different symbolic and environmental orientation is appealing but what are the base01 spaces or symbols you can study to design them? There is one sheet with diagrams explaining the process of design, please being more of that where potentially the references between changing and stable areas are used for a purposed being orientation/leisure of demarcation. Like the first term project what are the relationships that the gate enables/facilitates for the local people?

Graphic tips:
-as the images above are more diagrammatic, they would be better without the sky maybe.
-Overlap a line drawing on the top explaining what is happening.

Good luck!

Comment by tutor

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