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Work in Progress. by limcher
March 5, 2014, 8:51 am
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Site Plan.
Area connections – The initial bridge shape started here.
Area activities and facilities that influenced the bridge’s shape and form.
The bridge overlooks the morning market and the Kampong Cham market on one side, and on the other, surrounds shallow and calmer waters allowing the diners and tourists to wade into the water during lower tides.
Area circulation. Here the movement of the boats and people in the area is shown.
Still in progress – only part of the people are in at the moment.
Water flow and bridge perception.

The diagrams are still in progress and aren’t completed just yet. I will be giving them some photoshopping for colour and further detail.


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Thanks Cheryl!

It is good to see some development on the explanatory side of the project. Out of the process did you discover any aspect that could change the design or would make you take different decisions? Any glitch found on siting diagrams? The question is interesting because the factors/information placed can lead to design decisions potentially optimizing the scheme.

On the Photoshop it would be interest if it is not only over texturing the drawing but instead it could indicate parameters of that are important for the design and context relationship.

Additionally utilize the 3d to model a part of the reference indicating on render drawing how is that useful for you and how you are utilizing/interpreting it.

Aim for Friday to have this elements decided and drawn so you can push to the next part of the project in a more intimate scale exercise or parts of the space.

Good luck!

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